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9 Guideline Tips To Launch Kayak Effortless

Recreational Kayaking

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Zoe Mitchell

What started out as an adventurous shore excursion during a cruise, turned into a lifestyle hobby. I started Kayak Info Center to share my passion and knowledge about this exciting sport with others. I hope you enjoy the information on this website and that it helps you enjoy kayaking as much as I do.

When it comes to kayaking, some think the basic things you really need is a kayak, your paddles, and some water. Nevertheless, here are guideline tips that will make your  kayak launch time on the river, sea or lake more pleasant.

 Get A Good Fitting Personal Flotation Device (PFD)-Life-jacket For Your Kayak Launch

9 Tips Kayak Launch Life Jacket

A good life jacket is a necessity if you’re going to be on the water. And having one that fits properly is not only safer, but you will find it’s more comfortable as well. The proper way you want your life-jacket fit is snugly, but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Also, when you sit down, the PFD should not bunch up but remain in place.

Some models have great options such as pockets for storage, and built-in whistles that are perfect for emergencies.

This is #2 of the 9 Guideline Tips To Launch Kayak Pick Out A Comfortable Seat

A Comfortable seat is number two of the 9 guideline tips for a kayak launch that is easy to overlook. That is until you’re an hour or two into a four-hour float and your back is no longer happy with you. Check to see if your kayak has removable seats. If so, you are in luck! You can replace the factory seat with a seat that is more comfortable to you.

If your kayak does not have a removable seat, and they are what they call built-in seats, then a good cushion might offer better back support instead of being on the hard plastic for long periods of time. Whichever way you need to go just know that; a more comfortable seat will make for a much more agreeable yak trip.

Don’t Forget Regularly Applying Sunscreen

This one might seem like something that is easy to remember, but you can be having so much fun on your trip that it can’t be overstated enough. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly. Read the package and follow the directions on how often your sunscreen should be applied.

Nothing will turn your great day into a bitter day on the water quite like a blistering sunburn on your shoulders and legs. Not only will the sunburn increase your chances of skin cancer, once you get a sunburn, even the most liberal amount of aloe won’t really take the pain away.

 Always Bring Extra Water

Start off thinking about how much water you think you will need, and then bring extra water bottle for the just in case. You never know how fast being out in the direct sunlight dehydrates you. It is very important to replenish your fluids.

A good general rule of thumb to remember, is to take a drink or two of water every fifteen minutes while out on the water. You can never be too safe, and it is better to be safe than dehydrated. 

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Protect Your Hands and Wear Gloves

Another good rule is to wear gloves. This is number 5 of 9 guideline tips for a good kayak launch. A good Kayaker knows that gloves will help protect their hands. Remember when your paddle’s handle gets wet, that moisture can cause blisters on your hands.

However, gloves keep your hands dry and protected, decreasing the chances of blisters. Another benefit of wearing gloves is that they will help provide extra grip.

Bring A Waterproof Bag Also Known as A Dry Bag

No matter how hard you try, every kayaker knows that they can’t keep water from coming in the boat at times. If you don’t want your phone, car keys, and other valuables to get wet, keep them in a Dry bag that is waterproof. You can find dry bags available at most sporting goods stores or online.

Don’t Let Your Stuff Float Away, Tie Down Your Stuff

Tipping your kayak is sometimes unavoidable. Even the experienced kayakers tip.  There could be many reasons why you could tip, the river current picked up, or you took a turn a little too hard. Whatever the case may be, kayakers of all skill levels occasionally tip, so you will want to keep your gear from floating away down the river. To do this be sure to tie your stuff up or if you can stash away in your kayak’s dry compartment.

Always Bring A Change of Clothes and Shoes for The End OF Your Trip

Kayaking involves getting wet, sometimes a lot, sometimes it’s just from the paddle splashing you. A change of clothes and shoes will be needed so that you aren’t miserable or cold or both once you get off the water.

You never know you might not need them, and that’s okay better to be safe that way, but if you do get soaked from when you unexpectedly tipped over, if that happens you’ll be grateful to have some dry clothes and shoes to change into.

The Last Of  The 9 Guideline Tips To Launch Kayak Take A Moment and Enjoy the Sounds Of Nature

In this current age of electronics, it can be tempting to listen to music on your phone as you float down the river. But why not take a few minutes to listen and enjoy the natural sounds around you.  Listening to the water alone can be relaxing.

You never know what you might hear such as migratory birds that are passing by, fish splashing around, a bird diving to catch a fish that is splashing or even something as simple as the wind rustling through leaves on trees. Kayaking is an exceptional way to be around nature and experience the different things it has to offer.

Taking the time to enjoy nature can be a unique experience you never know what you might see.

9  Guideline Tips To Launch Kayak Wrap Up

Kayaking is a calming and tranquil way to spend the day out in nature. By using the 9 Guideline Tips listed here, your kayak launch day will be more gratifying.


Photo by Richard Dudley

Recreational Kayaking

9 Guideline Tips To Launch Kayak Effortless

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