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Amazing Benefits of Kayaking

Benefits Of Kayaking

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Did you know that there are amazing benefits of kayaking? These benefits are for your mental, physical and emotional well being. Getting outside and spending some time on the water with your kayak is the ideal activity to enjoy the natural world, get plenty of fresh air and appreciate great views and scenery first hand. Kayaking is the perfect way to spend some time with your friends, family and loved ones while taking some self-regulated exercise.

As well as keeping fit and having fun while you kayak, let’s dive into the many benefits of taking up this glowingly popular sport.

The Top Mental and Physical Benefits of Kayaking for you and others

Kayaking is an easy to access way to help you keep fit and lose weight while you are having fun, spending time out on the water and exploring the natural world. Expert studies have found that if you are paddling at 5 mph, which is a very achievable rate of travel, you can be losing up to 400 calories per hour which means that in an afternoon you can lose almost 2000 calories, which is an incredible result for weight loss.

Kayaking to lose weight is a more relaxing and versatile method to exercise for longer periods of time than most other sports. Very few people are able to sustain running or climbing for more than an hour or two at a time whereas when you are kayaking it is quite common to spend much of the day on the water!

Upper body workout from the benefits of kayaking

It’s a great upper body workout that will help tone your shoulders and torso. While you are kayaking you are giving your entire upper body a good overall workout, but particularly your shoulders, arms and back muscles. You will also tone your stomach and help to flatten any extra weight in the region. There are many types of workout but kayaking is one of the most efficient methods of all that is suitable for all levels of ability and skill.

When you are paddling it takes approximately 450 to 500 strokes to travel one mile. If you are traveling at a speed of 5 mph that means that you will have made up to 2,500 strokes in a single hour! That’s an incredible workout that you will hardly notice! Each stroke that you take on the kayak will benefit your entire body so the health benefits of a couple of hours on the water are absolutely enormous.

Peaceful time

Getting out into the natural world and spending some peaceful time on the water is a great opportunity to meditate and relax while escaping the stresses of your day to day life. Paddling through the water gives you a fantastic chance to reflect on the issues that are causing you tension and quietly work on solutions to improve your situation. Simply being closer to and in amongst nature has been proven in numerous studies to have a very real healing effect on both your mental and physical health.

Even just a few hours a week will quickly have a marked reduction in your levels of stress. So make use of the opportunities available to you by getting out on the water and doing some kayaking; and whether you go on your own for some real ‘me time’ or with friends or family, you will feel a lot better after a session on the water.

Keeps your mind clear and helps to develop focus and mental acuity

As well as having proven impacts on your stress levels kayaking also has major benefits for your mental acuity, focus and concentration. A great deal of research has found that even mild aerobic exercise will release dopamine into your bloodstream which has a significant effect on your levels of confidence and feelings of well-being. Following a few hours of kayaking you will experience an elevated mood and a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Spending time on the water has a noticeable calming effect and as you explore the natural world in your kayak you will feel a massive surge in your overall levels of positivity that will last right through the week.

An ideal social activity

Kayaking is a sport that is open to everyone of all abilities, ages and interests. It’s a wonderful pastime that allows you to spend quality time with your friends, family and loved ones while enjoying the mild exercise and adventure of exploring lakes, rivers and the ocean.

As well as spending time with people you already know, joining a kayaking club or a meetup group is an easy method of meeting new people with a shared interest that will allow you to expand your social circles. Positive social interactions and a fun community atmosphere have been shown to positively improve your mental health and keeps you happy, optimistic and well connected to the society around you!

Cardiovascular Workout Benefit of Kayaking

Keeping your heart healthy is crucial to maintaining a good standard of living and a long lifespan. Kayaking, like other aerobic sports, is one of the best ways to boost your cardiovascular system which is focused around your heart. Regular exercise, even if it’s mild, is absolutely necessary to keep your heart healthy, and kayaking is a fun and completely self regulated way that you can get the regular aerobic workout you need.

While you are paddling in your kayak on the open water your heart rate will naturally increase. This strengthens the heart, which is one of the most important muscles in the body, and will help to lower the concentrations of dangerous cholesterol in your bloodstream that is known to cause strokes and heart attacks. All of these factors combine to provide you with an excellent cardiovascular workout that will keep your health at optimal levels.

Keep your legs toned and healthy

Kayaking provides you with an unbeatable upper body workout but surprisingly, it’s also great exercise for your legs, including the calves and thighs. While you are paddling your legs are important to keep up speed and support the work that your back, shoulders and arms are doing. While you are paddling you use your legs to keep yourself stable and secure in the chassis of the kayak, playing an important role in the overall paddling process.

Kayaking is a fantastic full body workout, and if you get tired you can easily rest and have some refreshments at any time making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Improve your Psychological Outlook on Life

Kayaking and the sense of achievement that you feel after a session on the water will improve yourself image, grow your confidence and make you feel great about yourself!

Setting yourself personal goals is a fun way to create challenges that you can rise to and once you succeed in reaching a particular milestone you will be walking on sunshine! You can set yourself time challenges, distance or speed challenges, whatever you prefer! Each option is a healthy way to compete with your past self and grow that inner feeling of self-worth and value.

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Amazing Benefits of Kayaking

Getting  valuable Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient to maintain a healthy body and mind. A lack of Vitamin D has been linked to depression, problems with sleeping and a whole range of negative health effects.

While you are exposed to sunlight your skin will naturally produce Vitamin D that will help you fight diseases of all kinds, improve your bone density and keep your skin looking bright and full of vitality.

More than 1 billion people around the world suffer from low levels of Vitamin D, and in the modern world where we spend a lot of time indoors, this is a problem that is only growing. Take advantage of the opportunity to go kayaking to boost your levels of Vitamin D and stay healthy for longer.


Kayaking has a wide range of benefits that can improve your quality of life. There are many health benefits of kayaking on a fairly regular basis, from mental health improvements to keeping your body in great shape. Spending time outside on the water is a fun way to take mild exercise and enjoy time with your friends, family and loved ones. Growing your social network and meeting people will add new joy to your life while paddling on rivers, lakes and the ocean is a wonderful way to explore the beauties of the natural world.

Benefits Of Kayaking

Amazing Benefits of Kayaking

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