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River Kayaking What Is It?

White Water Kayaking

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Zoe Mitchell

What started out as an adventurous shore excursion during a cruise, turned into a lifestyle hobby. I started Kayak Info Center to share my passion and knowledge about this exciting sport with others. I hope you enjoy the information on this website and that it helps you enjoy kayaking as much as I do.

You might be wondering, what is river kayaking? How is river kayaking different from kayaking in the sea? One of the main difference in river kayaking is that you will paddle less than when in the sea. If you are brave enough to go through the rapids the flow of the water,currents will move you along at a fast pace. The movement can be very random and will require more skill than needed if you were doing sea kayaking. Unlike sea kayaking there are no opportunities for stops or break until you have completed the course. There are bumps,twist and even waterfalls for you to go through along the way. Everyday on the same path can be different it all depends on how fast the water is moving that day. River kayaking can give you an unexpected journey but it can be a wonderful adrenaline rush at the same time.Kayaking on the River

Where to go:

In the state of Colorado, the green river, Utah, is one of the areas you can enjoy river kayaking.  There is low water level where the river goes deep into the canyons. the views that are seen are crystal geyser, sand bars and the historic site of Dellenbaugh Butte. One of the most stand out views are the red and orange colors of the sandstone. The best time to visit with the least amount of traffic is from mid-April till the middle of October. If you visit the Green River you will enjoy a magical experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the accessories you need there are places there that can help you with  clothes to wear to the necessary gears for kayaking. In addition to kayaking, they do also offer play boating, and kayak fishing.

Other places to visit include;

Lower Salmon Idaho in Salmon River: Here, you have a chance to enjoy canoeing and kayaking. There are many kayaking stores with some offering educational tours. You can also consider the river for group activities.
Flathead River and Lake in Montana: Here, you can book for a kayaking trip to see the Wild Horse Island. The experience in this place is fantastic. Different stores do offer kayaking for groups’ events and lessons.
Gila River: The River is wide enough to learn how to kayak. A lot of kayaking agencies are available by the river, with a lot of offers such as group events and lessons.
New Mexico: Here are a lot of kayak agencies that you can consider. They offer kayak for rentals, kayak trips, and group events. You can also enjoy canoeing within the area.
Doleres Colorado: Doleres is a place for camping, and staying by the river gives you a chance to enjoy the best kayaking experience. Companies, along with the river, offer services such as group kayak events, kayak rentals, and canoeing.

Skills needed

To be excellent in kayaking, you need to possess several skills required to make the activity enjoyable.

These include;

Ten Places for Your Next Sea Kayak Adventure

  •  The first skill is to learn how to sit upright. Such a posture is essential as it helps you improve on balance, and therefore, your safety.
  •  Learn how to use big muscles. Here we recommend that you consider using more of your chest and stomach muscles instead of stretching your hands more. Make sure that you maintain your hands in a relatively straight position.
  • Keep the hands in front of the body. That is the perfect way to ensure that you don’t cause injuries to your shoulders when peddling.
  • Learn how to do different strokes. That is an excellent idea in making sure that you enjoy the whole ride. When peddling, you need to learn how to hold the paddles in a perpendicular angle to the direction of travel.

Accessories Needed

The number of kayaking accessories needed depends on the distance you’re to cover. Most of these gears are available in kayak stores. A short recreational sport requires you to carry some stuff such as;

  • A kayak -River kayaks are shaped and sized differently from sea kayaks. They have shorter and flatter hulls for quick  maneuvering.
  • One peddle per peddler, and always make sure to bring some spares,Short hull kayak for river
  • Spray skit to keep you off the cold waters
  • Personal flotation gadgets for in case of an emergency,
  • Carry some signal whistles and lights to indicate any signs of danger
  • A headlamp light that should come with extra batteries

If you are going for a long distant kayaking outing, you will need to carry additional gears such as;

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You will also need to wear well and carry some extra clothes. Some of these will include

These are a few of the essential accessories that you should carry for kayaking.

Final Verdict

Kayaking is an exciting water sporting activity that suits all ages. It’s a fantastic way of keeping your family happy and out together. You can also consider it as a way seeing nature in away you can’t view from a car ride. If you live in Colorado, the green river, Utah, will be the place to take your family for a fantastic kayaking experience.


Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels. Photo by Jake Colvin from Pexels Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

White Water Kayaking

River Kayaking What Is It?

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