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A Brief Guide: How to Haul Your Kayak

Car Hauling Kayak

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Zoe Mitchell

What started out as an adventurous shore excursion during a cruise, turned into a lifestyle hobby. I started Kayak Info Center to share my passion and knowledge about this exciting sport with others. I hope you enjoy the information on this website and that it helps you enjoy kayaking as much as I do.

It’s time, you’re ready to get started and enjoy a day on the river, but wait how are you going to get your kayak from here to there? Have questions on how to haul your kayak? Here is a information on how to haul and transport your kayak with different methods.

Transport  Kayak With A Truck Bed

If you own a truck use the open truck bed it will be the easiest way to transport your kayak. Just open your tailgate and load  your kayaks. Some truck beds can fit up to 4 kayaks it all depends on the size of your bed. Most of the time you will only see two kayaks in a truck bed.

Use bungee cords secure the boats to the truck. Make sure each kayak is held in place so that it does not move when you push or pull on it make sure you close the tailgate before you pull off.

The last thing you want is for you to be driving down the road and your yaks slide out because you missed closing the tail gate or bungee them down. To help stand out in traffic tie a red flag to help other to see, you only need to tie the end of at least one of the kayaks.

Haul Kayak On A Roof Rack

A very convenient way to transport your kayak is a roof racks on top of your car or SUV. Here are several different types of roof rack to consider.

  • Vertical kayak racks -The vertical racks will make you to slide your kayak in on its side. If you need to accommodate a family or a group, the vertical racks are great way to go since they can hold up to 4 kayaks.
  • Horizontal racks -This horizontal rack has your kayak resting flush against the roof of your vehicle. It is moderately aerodynamic, arranging your kayak in a way that helps reduce drag. These racks are great when you only need to transport a single kayak.
  • J-style racks -This is a great style for transporting a single kayak. You can fold the rack down when not in use, so you don’t have to take them down. You can leave them connected and ready to go for your next kayaking trip. J-style racks will hold your kayak at a 45-degree angle going across the roof of your car. With this rack it also leaves you a small amount of storage on either side of your kayak.
  • Lift-assisted racks– Another great rack for transporting a single. The racks has features that hooks and slide down, making it easily attach your kayak to the rack. If you are not confident that you cannot lift your kayak on your own this rack is great, it takes the bulk of the weightlifting it on to the roof of your car.

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How to Haul Your Kayak

Foam Mount

Foam mounts are very simple. Foam mounts are two or four pieces of foam, depending on the model. When using a two-piece model, the foam is commonly long and thin and have an inverted slope. This is designed to serve as a rest for the bottom of your kayak. In the four-piece model usually comes with a small slit in each piece of foam that you will slide the sides of your kayak into.

Whichever, the model of foam you go with will be great the foam is to act as a barrier between your yak and your vehicle helps both stay protected. You will nonetheless need rope or bungees to help securely latch your kayak into place.

Trailer Transport

Just like a truck bed a trailer will have the same easy use. Open your trailer’s tailgate and slide the kayaks into the trailer bed. Secure them with bungee cords and or ropes so you don’t get any movement during transport, and you’re ready to go.

Wrap Up  Guide How To Haul And Transport Your Kayak

You need to be able to move your kayak safely to the water. This makes transporting your kayak very important. Be sure to look at your options and choose the right method of transport for your vehicle. Hopefully this brief guide on how to haul your kayak helps get you started with transporting to the water.




Car Hauling Kayak

A Brief Guide: How to Haul Your Kayak

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