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Where and How To Go Kayaking With Your Dog?

Dog Sleep In Kayak

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Dogs and kayaks may not seem like they go together, but actually dogs love to go kayaking with their owners. Getting out on the water is a huge adventure for you dog, and you’ll have a great experience provided you keep a few things in mind before you go and while you’re out. Are you hesitant to take your dog out kayaking with you? Here is how you can go kayaking with your dog and stay safe for the both of you.

How to Kayak with your furry friend.

It’s very important to be safe when you are doing any kind of water sports, and that includes kayaking with your dog. Your dog, like most dogs, can probably already swim quite well but even so you should definitely use a personal flotation device for your dog.

There are a number of reasons for this. A dog’s personal flotation device has a useful handle on the back so you can easily lift your dog back into the kayak if it goes overboard or jumps out for a swim. If your dog gets scared or falls in the water, then the personal flotation device will make sure he stays safe until you can get to him.Dog kayaking

If you are kayaking on a river with fast moving water and your dog falls overboard then it could hit its head on a rock and be knocked unconscious. A personal flotation device will ensure that if the worst happens your dog will remain above water and you’ll have time to rescue him or her!

When you go kayaking it’s safer to go with a friend or two so that if anything happens, they can help you deal with the situation. Going in a group is fun but it’s also more practical. Once your dog gets more used to kayaking then you can go on your own, but especially for the first few times it can be helpful to have a buddy with you.

Teaching your dog to be comfortable in the Kayak.

It’s a good idea to get your dog used to the kayak before you head off on your watery adventure together. One way of doing this is to let your dog get used to the kayak at home. You can do this by sitting in the kayak on the floor at home and encouraging your dog to join you. When your dog jumps in give him a reward of a tasty treat to reinforce this behavior.

Later, when you get to the water, your dog will be happy to jump in with you. If you are kayaking in the sea, then start out on the shore, floating in the shallow waters to let your dog get used to the feeling of the waves. If he gets a little spooked be patient because once he realizes it’s perfectly safe, he’ll want to go along with you for the ride!

It’s also helpful for your dog if you put a towel or mat down in the kayak so it can get a good grip while you’re on the water. Without a towel or mat underneath his feet your dog can slip around which could scare him, especially if you’re out on the ocean.

Where to go kayaking with your dog.

You can go kayaking with your dog anywhere that you would usually go kayaking. One of the most popular places to kayak with your dog is in the sea. Once you get past the waves at the shore and you’re out on the ocean you’ll have a wonderful experience.

You can also go kayaking down a river with your dog. This is great fun, but you’ll have to be careful that your dog stays in the boat with you since it may see things on the shore it wants to chase, like other dogs or birds!

If your dog is a bit nervous about the kayak, it may be helpful to practice in a pool first. This will help your dog to get used to being on the water and also allow you to get a bit of practice as well.

What do you need to bring when you go kayaking with your dog?

  • Towel or mat – for your dog to sit on.
  • Water bowl  – for you and your dog to stop yourselves from getting dehydrated.
  • Dog Treats – to help reinforce good behaviors with your dog while you’re out.
  • Plastic bags – in case your dog needs to poop while you’re on the water.
  • Dog’s Personal Flotation Device – very important for your dog’s safety.
  • Leash – so you can be safe while you’re on the shore.

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How To Go Kayaking dog

Kayaking with your dog is a fun way to bond and form lasting memories.

Kayaking with your dog is a wonderful experience. If you want to do multi-day trips you can travel down a river and camp on the banks overnight. Your dog will love this adventure and the time you spend together will be very special. Always be aware of your dog’s safety while you’re on the water, observe the basics of safety and bring a few treats for your furry friend; and you’ll have a great time kayaking with your dog.



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Dog Sleep In Kayak

Where and How To Go Kayaking With Your Dog?

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