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Kayaking In Alaska: What To Wear?

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Zoe Mitchell

What started out as an adventurous shore excursion during a cruise, turned into a lifestyle hobby. I started Kayak Info Center to share my passion and knowledge about this exciting sport with others. I hope you enjoy the information on this website and that it helps you enjoy kayaking as much as I do.

Are you planning a kayaking trip in Alaska? Maybe you are going on an Alaskan cruise and kayaking is one of the shore excursion they are offering you? If so, then you will need to be prepared for the weather. Today we are going to learn how to handle what to wear in Alaska. How to stay warm by dressing appropriately on your next big adventure!

Kayaking in Alaska What To Wear Make Sure To Layer Up

The weather in Alaska is always changing. When you are kayaking in Alaska the day might start out on the cooler side. As the day goes on the weather may change, and the temperature could rise.

This is why it is important to dress in layers. When you dress in layers you can take off what you don’t need. You will be more comfortable this way.

Always Wear Sun Protection

When you think of Alaska you probably envision super cold weather and snow. This may lead some to believe that they don’t need protection from the sun. But nothing could be further than the truth.

Because you will be out on the water, the sun’s rays will become magnified. This can cause severe sunburn, which is never something you want to have to deal with. Instead, make sure you bring along sunscreen, a UV rated face shield or cloth, and a good pair of sunglasses. This will keep you safe from the sun so that you can enjoy your time out on the water.


Bringing along headwear is a must when you are visiting Alaska. There are many different types of headwear to choose from. Wool hats make great headwear, but they need to be accompanied by a waterproof cover such as a neoprene hood.

As your body loses heat, much of it comes from the head, you will always need to cover up when the weather outside is cold. In extreme kayaking conditions, you will also want to wear a face mask to help protect yourself from frostbite.

Leave The Cotton At Home

Sure cotton clothing is soft and very comfortable to wear. But when you get it wet it can cause serious problems. Cotton doesn’t dry very fast, and when it gets wet it can cause you to get hypothermia. For example, say you are out on the water enjoying a day of kayaking. A big wave comes up and you capsize. If you are wearing cotton then you will be in serious trouble! Instead, wear clothing that is better suited for wet conditions.

Don’t Forget Your Waterproof Clothing

As we have mentioned above, you will need some good waterproof clothing while kayaking in Alaska. Two of the most important water-repellent clothing items that you should bring are neoprene gloves and booties.

It is vital that you protect your hands and feet from the freezing cold waters of Alaska. Frostbite is a serious problem in this part of the world, and it can happen faster than you might expect!

Suit Up What To Wear In Cold Water

Cold-water Alaska kayaking can really be harsh on the body. This is why you will need to include a wet suit in your luggage. A wet suit will keep you dry and provide your body with warmth. These suits are great for extended Alaska kayaking trips and perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the cold.

But keep in mind, you will always want to wear a reflective life vest on top of any wet suit. Safety is very important when you are in harsh environments.

Kayaking in Alaska Dress For The Temperature of The Water

Last but not least you should always dress smartly when kayaking in this beautiful state. Instead of dressing for the air temperature, make sure to dress for the temperature of the water. Many people fail to realize just how cold the water can be. By dressing for the water, you will stay warm even if you happen to get a little wet on your adventure!

 Kayaking in Alaska what to wear Conclusion

Kayaking in Alaska is a life-changing experience that you will never forget! However, it is very important to plan for the unpredictable weather that Alaska is known for. By following the tips that you have learned above you will be ready for Kayaking in Alaska  and what to wear. You will be prepared for anything Alaska has to throw at you!

So, if you are planning a kayaking trip to Alaska in the near future, make sure to pack accordingly.

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Kayaking In Alaska: What To Wear?

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