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Tees Barrage International White-Water Course for your next kayak trip

Teesquay Millennium Bridge

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 Looking for a place for a new kayak adventure with the family? Thinking of traveling out of the states for your next kayak trip then try this location. The Tees Barrage International White-Water Course upgrade is complete and well worth the wait. It is located 1 km upriver near the Princess of Wales Bridge and further up from the Teesquay Millennium Bridge. This facility has so much to offer you won’t be disappointed. So, if it is a variety of opportunities in the water your looking for than this is the location.

One of the updates included the Jubilee course in 2010 with new slalom gates and twice the depth. The Rapidblocs upgrade is now set up with what they call the Rapidblocs system. Then there’s the Archimedes screws which use to run on natural flow of the River Tees. The Lazy boy Conveyor system was enhanced to improve the ride for disable paddlers. The changes in the main center include but are not limited to new changing rooms, café, visiting center, water-sport shop.

As for the water sport shop it can provide you with all the retail you need for your adventure. No need to worry about bringing your kayak. They have you covered. It could be water-sports or just general outdoor gear, they have it all for you in a one stop shop. You can even shop online. All of the major water-sport’s brands are available. There is even a demo center!

The courses at The Tees Barrage International White-Water Course

There are currently 5 different courses

  • Jubilee course– 300 meters long for kayaking and white-water rafting
  • Diamond Course-95 meters and is one of the steepest in the UK. It only has a 3.7-meter drop, so make sure you’re ready.
  • Rapidblocs– This has the new rapidblocs system that allow for creation of sharp and angles turns.
  • Archimedes screws – This course can have 24-hour operation when needed. It also generates electricity when used in reverse.
  • Lazy boy Conveyor System- Transport the rider from start to finish right back where you started.

If you just want a lazy ride around the river or looking for an adrenaline rush, then the Tees Barrage International White-Water Course is the place to go for your next kayak trip.



Teesquay Millennium Bridge

Tees Barrage International White-Water Course for your next kayak trip

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