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The Top 3 Tips For A Successful Kayak Fisherman

Kayak Fishing

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It’s a huge challenge to learn to become a successful kayak fisherman when there’s so much information to take it, but even for an experienced fisherman tips, hints and additional recommendations always come as a welcome helping hand. Thank This is especially true for kayak fishing which has its own unique challenges compared with the more standard methods of fishing that we are all used to. Kayak fishing is a fast-growing trend around the world but to make the most of the opportunities it presents you with you need to know what you’re doing and take pieces of advice from many sources.

The Top 3 Tips to get you Kayak Fishing like a Pro

Practice casting and handling your fishing rod with one hand while paddling with the other

One of the biggest challenges of kayak fishing, as opposed to fishing from the bank, is to learn to cast and manage your fishing rod with only one hand while simultaneously paddling and maintaining control of your vessel. Fishing while you sit in the kayak means that you will need a great fish finder to locate the shoals before you can map your route to the target. A fish finder allows you to see under the water and get a better idea of what’s going on beneath the surface, even when it’s murky. You’re going to need to use finesse to keep yourself stable while fishing in a sit in kayak but with a little practice you’ll soon get the knack of it.

As well as learning to handle the fishing rod with one hand, casting it accurately while getting close to your target, you’re also going to need to get used to paddling with one hand! This is easier than it sounds, despite the fact that you usually use two hands to maneuver your kayak around on the water. Imagine you have just caught a fish on the end of your line and it’s pulling hard – you need to be able to hold onto that precious catch while controlling and steering your kayak with the other hand!

Stay close to the shoreline when you are starting out

As you are learning to master the art of kayak fishing it’s a good idea to hug the shoreline, which is to say, don’t drift too far out into the open water. Pay close attention to the weather conditions when you are going out on the water being particularly attentive to the wind and its direction. When conditions are windy you should definitely stay near to the shoreline which will make it easier to control your kayak while casting and fishing at the same time.

This tactic does have its advantages though! If you are bass kayak fishing, then you will want to hang out close to the shore! Bass fish tend to spend most of their time near the entrance ways to underwater shallow coves and will often hide close to rocks, logs and fallen trees where they feel safe. You will usually find the bass near the shore so if conditions are windy, and you’re not too sure of your one-handed kayaking skills you can hunt bass fish using a kayak fish finder along the length of the shoreline.

Use your Cast to Steer when you are learning to kayak fish

When you are fishing in a sit on top kayak a fantastic fishing technique is to use your cast to help control the direction of your boat. By casting in the direction that you want to go you can subtly use the line bait to help guide your kayak in that direction which will make paddling easier and allow you to concentrate on what’s on the end of your hook! When you are casting your line be sure that you have been checking on your kayak fish finder first, so you aren’t just slinging your bait into empty waters!

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3 Tips For A Successful Kayak Fishing

Bonus Pro Tip

As with any form of fishing the better the equipment that you have available the more success you are likely to have on your trips. One solution if you want to save on money, or just to try out some new kit before you buy your own, is to rent fishing kayak gear from a local store. This is a fun way to test top of the range equipment and find out which you like the most before you take the plunge and purchase your own set!

Wrap up on kayak fishing

Kayaking Fishing is an Exciting way to Explore the Waterways of our World

Taking up the epic challenge of kayak fishing is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and will leave you with priceless memories and tall tales about that huge fish that got away! Once you’ve mastered the basics of one-handed fishing and paddling, locating your quarry with a good kayak fish finder and learnt to accurately read the weather conditions you’ll be well on your way to bagging a trophy catch!



Kayak Fishing

The Top 3 Tips For A Successful Kayak Fisherman

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