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Everything you need to know about kayaking with children

Kayaking With Child

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Kayaking with your kids is a bonding experience. However, there are things you need to know about kayaking with children. Kayaking with your kids is a fantastic adventure that helps to grow your children’s confidence. Kayaking together is an environmentally friendly learning experience that is healthy and helps to improve fitness and well being.

Growing and Learning about the world around! When children get out on the water they engage with the natural world and develop an understanding of environmental issues.

It helps to Develop Problem Solving Skills and Practical Awareness of Safety and Responsibility.

Kayaking fosters adventurousness with an unstructured approach to exploration. Discovering river birds, fish and trees is an exciting way to understand ecology and the natural sciences.

Kayaking with your children will help them to learn, grow healthy and strong and create a great bond between you.

What you need to take with you to go Kayaking with your kids.

Safety is Crucial, but so is having a Good Time!

There are certain items that you really should have for safety reasons but don’t forget you’re there to enjoy yourself and bond as well so bringing a few extra things along will make the day that much better.kayaking child life jacket

Personal Flotation Device. It’s essential to have a Personal Flotation Device each, but especially important for children who are kayaking. It will keep them safe should the worst happen but will also make jumping in the water and having a swim completely safe, even on a river!

If it’s sunny then bring Hats – to protect from the worst of sunburn – but also bring sunscreen to protect your face from the reflection from the water which can also burn your face.

Lots of Water and a Packed Lunch. You’re going to need to bring plenty of water with you because you want to avoid dehydration. Also bring some tasty high energy snacks and a solid packed lunch, because there’s nothing better than floating on the water and enjoying the view while you eat together.

First Aid Kit and Mobile Phone, in case of emergency. If an accident happens it’s a good idea to have a First Aid Kit with you, for cuts and scratches, but also a mobile phone in case you need to make an emergency call.Water resistant first aid kit

Tandem Kayak. When you’re selecting your kayak, if you’re going with children you will need a tandem kayak, so you can be in the boat with them. You can let them steer the kayak to build up their confidence and problem solving skills, but you’ll always be in the kayak with them to make sure things are safe.

How to Safely Teach Children to Paddle the Kayak.

Kids just love to get out on the water and have a fun adventure but it’s important that you teach them the basics before you set out, not only so they’ll be confident on the water, but also so they can avoid potentially dangerous situations and maneuver the kayak safely.

Child kayak paddle
Child kayak paddle

It’s best to start off teaching your kids to paddle the kayak in a controlled environment, such as a pool. This will allow them to learn the techniques and methods of moving about on the water. Once they develop the confidence to move around they should be taught how to climb back into the kayak should they fall out. Children and young ones should always wear a personal flotation device while practicing as well as while they are out on the open water.

Very Important Safety Tip if you Use a Canoe.

It’s very important, if you’re planning to go out on a canoe, that you should teach the children to be able to roll out of the canoe should it tip over!

What is the Best Age to go Kayaking with Kids?

While there is certainly no upper age limit to when you can go kayaking with your kids, you may be wondering about whether it’s okay to take young children with you. Of course young children will just love the experience, so you should use your own discretion, but there are some things you can do to ensure it’s a safe adventure out on the water. If you’re taking children under the age of about 5 years old with you, then you can use a body harness for your children to wear, which you can attach to your waist, so just in case they fall out of the kayak you’ll be able to easily regain control of the situation and keep them safe.

Where are the Best Places to go Kayaking with Children?

It’s great to kayak anywhere, but once you have mastered the basics with your children then the best locations to kayak are to be found in the great outdoors!

kayaking with child

The Sea

The seashore offers amazing possibilities for kayaking with your children. Not only the fun of making sandcastles but also the adventure of heading out over the surf and out onto the open sea.

You’ll have a fantastic day trip on the water, but do be aware of strong currents and your position in relation to the shore.


Rivers and inland waterways, including canals, present a beautiful possibility for exploring the landscape with your children. You can have a memorable camping trip kayaking down a river and camping by its shores at night. You can also fish while you’re out on the river, and catch your own dinner if you want to be super adventurous.


Local lakes, reservoirs and other public waters, are a great place to build up skills and confidence. These locations are safe, and often have facilities on site including toilets, canteens and ice cream stands. Nearby lakes and reservoirs are a great place to start outdoor kayaking after training in controlled swimming pool environments.

Kayaking with your Children Creates Lasting Memories and Boosts their Confidence and Problem Solving Skills.

It’s a fantastic adventure to go kayaking with your kids; exploring inland rivers or paddling your way along the coast, fishing from the kayak or camping by the shore. Keep safety in mind, bring plenty of food, water and a good camera, and you’ll have a wonderful shared memory on the oceans and waterways.

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Everything you need to know about kayaking with children

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Kayaking With Child

Everything you need to know about kayaking with children

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