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What’s Needed To Maintenance A Kayaking

Kayak Maintenance

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Having a kayak can be expensive. And if you are just starting out and about to buy a new kayak you don’t go to cheap. Since the less money you spend on your kayak the more problems you could have. Kayakers enjoy many different adventures such as: black water, coastal, rushing river, whitewater, smooth lake kayaking and many more. Kayakers will prepare and practice before going out on the water. Planning and preparing is more than merely grabbing your paddles and picking the area for your next adventure. It is knowing what to do for maintenance and how to build your kayak into its best shape. Maintenance on the kayak and paddles alone could save you from harm, or perhaps worse. Building of course is a lot more dramatic than maintenance, and so we will primary speak of maintenance while considering building.

Maintenance of the Yak

Maintenance includes fixing damaged paddles,and repairing leaks in your kayak. Everyone intending to kayak should check their kayak before they hit the water. If you have leaks, dry land is where you want to find the leaks. The last thing, you want to do is be on the sea and then find out that your yak has a leak. That would be a disaster, if you are on a solo trip.

What is needed?

Maintenance supplies should include kayak glue, mold, adhesive bonding, and resin. Resin can be brush onto the area that are in need of repair. Now a day’s kayaks are made of stronger /tougher materials, so the chances that you will need to make repairs are low. However, it can happen, so it is better to be prepare. You will need to activate resin before brushing. If you kayak is made of fiberglass, you will need catalyst and an accelerator. Pre-accelerated resin is available, so you will only need to activate the resin. Always remember catalyst, or resin should not touch the skin, if it happens immediately wash your skin.

Glass kayaks require a slightly different maintenance plan. For the most part you will need similar supplies. Additional supplies to have on hand is commercial cutting scissors, sticks for mixing, rollers, brushes, paint, and so forth. You will also need a maintenance backup plan.

What could damage my kayak?

Wear and tear from the trips you take in the waters could damage your kayak. If in shallow waters the kayak will receive scraps from logs, rocks, and anything else that might be floating in the water.  You could even receive damage from loading your kayak onto your vehicles. The bumps and jars on the ride, and so forth can also cause damage. Fiberglass kayaks tend to scratch, which if you want to restore to a new look, you will need an acetone-based cleansing agent. Make sure you cleanse the area first before attempting repairs.

If you need to repair a hole, you might need a screwdriver, sandpaper, scissors, activators, masking tape, scotch tape, plastic kitchen wrap, file, acetone cleanser, resin, brushes, and glass made of woven fabrics. Clamping materials can also work to repair holes.

Maintenance is necessary for both the kayak and paddles. The most important thing you can do is to inspect your equipment before and after each trip. This way you can avoid trouble in the future. Now for maintenance of wooden paddles, there is a simple way, you merely need to cleanse the area to repair, and sand the area. To get started cover the area with a cloth. Use tacks to ground the cloth. You will want to brush resin on the area before you lay the cloth over any damaged area. Also, you will need rubber bands, kitchen wrap, and a few other tools to make repairs.


Each kayak will have different areas to repair. And depending on the age and the type of material the kayak is made out of the repair will vary. Make sure you learn about each section of your kayak so that you will know how to repair it when the need arises.

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What’s Needed To Maintenance A Kayaking

Photo by Anh Tuan To on Unsplash

Kayak Maintenance

What’s Needed To Maintenance A Kayaking

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